Nancy Luna the Pocket Moon

Nancy Luna the Pocket Moon is now at Circus Kane Dolls. She comes in three resin options: light grey, lagoona blue and white glow-in-the-dark. Nancy Luna is sold blank with an optional face-up by the artist Nefer Kane or by face-up artist Maureen Carroll.

From Circus Kane:

I am extremely pleased to introduce Nancy Luna the Pocket Moon! It was time for me to mix new sculpts with 3D scanned bodies, so I sculpted a new pocket Moon head to go on the pocket Mystery elf body to create a brand new doll! She’s 15cm tall and you literally can hold her in your hand. She’s just the perfect magical tiny being to whisper your wishes to! She’ll follow you everywhere and will make some come true!

She can sleep on an astronomy book or in any small place, as long as she stays nearby you; she needs your company to watch over your dreams and sleep!
You can check her photo story in her gallery on the website!

PLEASE DO READ THE LISTING ON THE WEBSITE FOR THERE HAS BEEN A CHANGE IN THE WAY TO PROCEED FOR LAYAWAYS! Layaways are still available as they’ve always been and will always be, fo course; but the procedure of checking out has changed. Please check it out and feel free to email me if you have any questions!
Nancy Luna The Pocket Moon preorder is open from October 26th until November 26th!
It is her only preorder so be sure to not miss her out!


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