TaoTao, TangTang and Yvonne

 MYou Doll has launched a new 1/8 doll line. The first of the tiny dolls are a boy, Taotao and girl, Tangtang. In addition, a new 30cm girl named Yvonne has been released. All of the BJDs are sold blank with a random color pair of glass eyes and underwear. Resin skin color choices include white, pink, normal, yellow, coffee and tan. Customers may choose a solid torso or two-part torso body for Taotao and Tangtang. Yvonne comes with a two-part body. Options for all the dolls include a face-up, wig, outfit and shoes.

All of the new dolls are now being offered with a discount event. MYou dolls are also sold internationally through their authorized retailers.

From the company:

We are very pleased to introduce you our new line: 1/8 size tiny dolls.
Our 1/8 size dolls are 17.20cm tall . You can find Taotao and Tangtang as the first two released dolls. They are available also in Fullset.

At the mean time, we also bring a new 1/6 Girl 30cm tall Yvonne. She is also available in fullset.

If you place order on these 3 new dolls before 16th Nov, 2017, you will get 15% OFF discount.