James and Matthew

New Senior boys have been added to the April Story site.  66cm tall James and Mathew may be purchased in normal or white resin.

The company is currently running a special event. Free Baby line dolls are offered with purchase of  a Special Box.

From April Story:

This is a notice for a special sales event of April Story in October.

EVENT 1! *** 1 + 1 SPECIAL BOX ***

With composition of (One piece of April Story doll) + (One piece of April Story doll), you can purchase two pieces at a much lower price than normal selling price. Please do not miss this special deal at exceptional prices.

Event Products: All the products displayed on the main page (except AS Baby type)

EVENT 2!! *** FREE GIFT of AS Baby whey you buy 1 + 1 SPECIAL BOX ***

If you buy 1 + 1 SPECIAL BOX during the event, you will get 1 free AS Baby type doll.

Because it is an extraordinary event, if the prepared AS Baby type dolls run out, the event will be terminated early.

The prepared event AS Baby type dolls are 30 pieces. Please order as soon as possible.

EVENT 3!! *** 40% DISCOUNT EVENT ***

All the April Story products are 40% off!

During the event, you will get 40% off on all the April Story products on the main page.

Event period: until October 31, 2017

If you have any inquires about the event, please feel free to leave a message on the Q & A bulletin board, then we will reply to your message.



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