Mini Phoebe

The exclusive doll for the Pacific Northwest Ball-Jointed Doll Expo will be up for pre-order today The doll, Mini Phoebe, will be a limited edition of 150 dolls. Non-attendees will also have a chance to order the doll as well.  Order information and order buttons are posted on the home page of the expo site. The links will work when ordering is open.

From the Expo:

Nikki will be producing a 12″ mini-Phoebe doll for the show, example at right. Registered attendees of PNW BJD Expo can order Nikki’s con doll starting October 19, 2017 at 9AM Pacific Time. Attendee ordering is open to all registered attendees and dealers who have signed up by October 19. The first 10 orders will receive a dressed doll. There are some rules to attendee ordering: If you order Nikki’s doll as a guest who will attend the Expo and then cancel the reservation, your doll will be cancelled as well.