Mai, Nico and Mel

New Standard Model Super Dolfie girls have been released by Volks. Volks USA will be selling them in November.

From the store:

“Hello, nice to meet you~ We are Mai, Nico and Mel.”
These three beautiful and charming girls, will capture your heart with their large shining eyes!

These three wonderful Super Dollfie® girls will be arriving to VOLKS USA, Inc’s Dollfie® Store November 2017. Let’s take a moment to learn about their new features!

– New Double-Jointed Elbows

The new standard models come with “Double-Jointed Elbows” which allow the Super Dollfie® to hold a variety of new poses! Taking pictures and posing them has never been more fun!

– Handpainted Make-Up

Their delicate features are brought to life by our ZOUKEI-MURA artists’ hand painted make-up. Their glass eyes and eyelashes are attached to their faces one by one.

– New Wig Styles and Standard Model Certificate

Each Standard Model comes with one random wig out of the three brand new wig styles: Medium, Long and Wavy.

A “Standard Model Certificate” will be included as proof that your new Standard Model is an Authentic VOLKS Super Dollfie® that was crafted with lots of love and care.

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