KeiKei Head

K-Doll has returned with a new pre-order for the KeiKei head.  The head is designed to fit various 60cm boy bodies.

Japanese customers may also order the KeiKei “Black Head with partly closed eyes.

From the company:

keikei sales schedule has decided.
Period is 2017 October 20 to October 30, Because it is a small quantity sale, it can be closed in advance.
Production period varies depending on the quantity, but is about 40-50 days.
Orderable skin color is white skin and normal skin, based on Volks
Thank you ^ ^

*You can order promotions face up on the photo.
Because it is limited quantities, please order early as soon as the start of your order on October 20.
* The k-doll homepage is under renewal due to a problem with the system.
Therefore, we only accept orders by email.
Keikei head – 2017.10.20~ | K-doll <-link click


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