Tamikan Space and Tatar Projects

 Tamikan Space and Tatar Projects dolls from NothingSapiens are now for sale. Tamikan Space dolls include 37cm tall Aua, 40cm Gal Naora, and a 6cm tall and 13cm long pet Tardigrade.  The Tatar dolls are 17cm tall Alsu and Ruslan. A short layaway is available.

Aua comes in resin colors nebula, biota atmosphere or lava. 2 sets of additional face-plates are optionally available.

Gal is cast in a choice of nordic, Mediterranean or tropical resin, or a custom color on request. She is sold blank with heel feet and an optional smiling face-plate and extra hands.

Tardigrade comes in MyGiantWaterbear, DeeplyInSpace, ClearlyRealistic or a custom color resin. The mouth part extends and retracts. Options include a collar and leash and a bowl of food. Tardigrade may be optionally painted.

Tatar dolls Alsu and Ruslan are available in white, natural, tan or custom color resin. If bought as a pair, they are sold at a discount and will come with two random color pair of eyes.

From the artist:

My name is Timur Zeleev and I’d like to introduce you our new dolls from Tamikan Space and Tatar Projects and to announce our new preorder period.  I’ve developed INO and AmiGaTaprojects. Now they are discontinued and new projects are in their place. All dolls are resin bjd and all have changeable eyes except tardigrade who doesn’t have eyes at all. 




Tatar Project Alsu (left) and Ruslan