Taolu SP Head

For the next month, Sio2 will sell the Taolu SP head. The head will fit Volks SD 16 and similar size bodies.  Taolu SP comes in normal or white resin. An optional bust stand is also being sold.

From the company:

Our new dolls, 桃鹿SP/Taolu SP‘s pre-order period is Oct 13th – Nov 13th, 2017 11:59 pm(UTC+8).

To place an order, click here: 子迁他家 SIO2 DOLL | 本月限定/Doll in Month

(Information of Taolu SP’spictures: Volks SD16 Body,Volks Red Moon outfit, 16mm eyes.)

Female body suggestion: Spiritdoll elegance female body, Longsoul elegance female body, Volks SD16 body, and other BJD female body which has closer body data.
Male body suggestion: Luts SDF65 body, Popo Doll 68 body, and other BJD male body which has closer body data.

Goddess Bust Piece is available at the same time.