A project is underway called TrickyBJDFeet. A website has been set up for collectors to share and obtain information of finding footwear for dolls with unusual foot sizes.

From the blog site coordinators:

After weeks of work, a lot of questions about foot widths, research and Cinderella-photo sessions
I would like to introduce a new project.

This project is intended to be a shoe finding help (site) for petite and oversized BJD feet. For all owners of dolls with feet that do not fit into the standard shoe range of your average doll clothes shop: Tricky feet.

We need your help and contributions
TrickyBJDFeet is a project in progress, we need your help and contributions to make this a reliable and comprehensive source of information. And we need your help to spread the news that this project exists. If you have a flickr account, you are welcome to upload the picture above to your account to let your followers know about it. We would be happy if you’d share the link to TrickyBJDFeet with your friends and follow us to get the latest updates. TrickyBJDFeet is a blog project.

In the hopes to help you find shoes for your difficult resin family members:

Thank you for your time 🙂
ResinRapture in collaboration with @vermont chick