Asleep Eidolon October Event

Asleep Eidolon is planning to retire their 1/4 size mermaids and merman at the end of the year. At this time, customers that purchase a doll may receive a 16cm gift mermaid. The company is selling the dolls on their TaoBao site.  They may also be purchased from their international retailer, Legend Doll.

From the company:

NEWS from AEDOLLS taobao. 1/4 ◆◇ 四 分 ◇◆-Asleep eidolon[失语精灵]原创BJD-淘宝网
1/12(AEDOLLS 1/12 is 16cm.) ◆◇ 十二 分 ◇◆-Asleep eidolon[失语精灵]原创BJD-淘宝网

1/4 mermaids will be sold out on 31st,Dec.2017.
1/12(16cm) mermaid is EVENT additional puchase from 1st,Oct. 2017 to 31st,Oct.2017.

Female mermaids can choose AEDOLLS 1/4 girl body or XAGADOLL 42cm girl body Ver.II.


Gift doll: