~Beetle Eyes~ a Review


Recently I obtained some glass Beetle eyes and QQ Wigs from the store Dolly Planet (formally KOK collection). This is a review of the eyes.

Part 2 – Beetle Glass Eyes:

I have six new sets of Beetle eyes in different colors and styles. Four are 14mm. They include two different sets of grey eyes – one with and one without a stem in back, a pair of green cat/beast eyes, and a purple/blue gradient set without a dark pupil.  The other eye sets are 12mm small iris low arc eyes in gold and tiny pair of 6mm lavender eyes. The eyes are very similar in color to the photos of them on the retailer’s website. Each pair comes in a black plastic box with a lid. They are nestled in foam.  The lid lists the code for each pair and their size. All of the eyes have colored rims around the iris and many are enhanced with delicate threading.


I have a lot of blue and brown glass eyes in my collection, some green, red, pink, some gradients, but until now, no grey glass eyes!  I chose two pairs of grey eyes, one with stems (W-06) and one without (H-16), to see which worked better for me.  There are gaps between the tiny radiating lines in the irises on the stem set.  The lines and gaps create darker and lighter areas around the eye that give them the illusion of sub-highlights. This adds an extra liveliness to their look.  I tried both in my Ring Kid Alice.  I actually liked the grey shade in her over her original pale blue eyes. Both pairs look similar, but I prefer the pair with the stems on the back over the flat backs as they are vastly easier to move about in the socket (which I like to do a lot).  The flat ones are fine, and they fit tightly around the eye rim, which could be prefered for dolls that otherwise leave gaps between the resin socket and a more curved eye.

Eyes with stems

Flat back eyes

Here Alice is shown in her full-set outfit and with the flat grey eyes and my new 7/8 size QQ wig (also from KOK Collection). She has a small head, so the wig is slightly loose on her. She look ready for fall.


The blue-purple gradient eyes (R-17) are shown here in one of the faceplates of my Brioche cat from Nympheas Dolls.  They are very pretty fantasy style eyes, and they will probably travel from doll to doll as they will look great in many of them. There is no pupil, just lines radiating out from where the pupil would be.


The small iris gold eyes (XD-06) were a vast improvement for another Brioche faceplate. The first eyes I used were too big, and the extra white in these eyes add a nice additional anthro touch to the cartoonish kitty’s expression.


The cat/beast eyes (CA-02) have a lot of fun possibilities. The iris goes from dark emerald to pale earthy green with a partly dilated pupil.  They are a nice match with Julia’s green and black outfit too, so she will be wearing these for Halloween.

Here Julia wears both a new QQ wig and the cat eyes from KOK.

Here’s Brioche trying them out too! Freaky! (A bigger size pair of the eyes might be good for her.)


The last pair of tiny lavender eyes (A-01) are for a BJD that I don’t yet have, but I will add photos here once it arrives. That doll will probably be reviewed in November. Tiny eyes are sometimes hard to find, and I hope these eyes suit my new acquisition. (They can be seen in their box near the top of this article) ^^


Dolly Planet (formally KOK collection)