PNW BJD Expo News

Pacific Northwest Ball-Jointed Doll Expo will have a BJD by American artist Nikki Britt as their official convention doll. Other doll artists will be offering convention exclusive dolls at the event, including American artist Connie Lowe and French artist Le Tama of Depths Dolls.


Nikki will be producing a 10-12″ Phoebe doll (caucasian skin tone, nude) for the show. Registered attendees of PNW BJD Expo can order Nikki’s con doll starting October 19, 2018. The first 10 orders will receive a dressed doll. There are some rules to attendee ordering: If you order Nikki’s doll as a guest who will attend the Expo and then cancel the reservation, your doll will be cancelled as well.

Want to Order Nikki’s doll, but can’t attend?

Absentee ordering will begin on October 26 and continue to November 30. 

Connie Lowe will have 50 special addition dolls for Expo Attendees only

Pre-order will be available. A sketch or picture of the doll will be available soon.

Depth Dolls will have 10 special addition dolls for Expo Attendees only

No pre-order will be available.