Ginger Flower Bud Faerie Mimi

Charles’ Creature Cabinet has new Ginger Flower Bud Faerie Mimi available for order.  The 9.8cm tall tiny doll is a limited edition being cast in three different glow-in-the-dark resin colors.  The doll will come with a face-up, glass eyes, and soft resin goggles and wings.

From the company:

Dear Friends,
We’re excited to share that Charles’ newest Glow-in-the-Dark faerie MIMI has been released for pre-order.
She is a Ginger Flower Bud Faerie, and a close relative of Nana Ginger Root Gnome and of Fidelia Firefly Faerie.

MIMI is offered as a limited edition in three resin colors.

** CCC Exclusive Limited Edition **

1) Strawberry Milkshake Pink & Glow White/Pink ~Only LE25 Worldwide
2) Orange Milkshake Orange & Glow Orange ~Only LE10 Worldwide
3) Vanilla Milkshake (Bee) Yellow & Glow Yellow ~Only LE10 Worldwide
http://www.charlescreaturecabi net.net/store/c1/Afgebeelde_ producten.html