Deilf Mermaid and Human

“Le Tama” (Aurélien Fravalo-Atallah) of Depths Dolls has revealed photos of a new doll named Deilf coming to Jpop Dolls.

From the artist:

Deilfs’ preorder is coming at the end of the month, from the 28th of October to the 2nd of December 2017

Mermaid Deilf will be in pale normal skin / mint tail, and light tan skin / pink tail. Human Deilf will be in pale normal skin and in light tan skin. Price include makeups. It could be a possibility to order them without any makeup but the price won’t change.

For information, mermaid Deilf is about 17.5 centimeters, and human Deilf is around 15 centimeters. More informations and photos will come later in the month. They will come with a factory faceup and a pair of random glass eyes (not those of the photos, they are handmade urethane eyes).