~QQ Wigs~ a Review

Recently I obtained some glass Beetle eyes and QQ Wigs in part to write a review. They arrived not long before the store Dolly Planet (formally KOK collection) announced a discount event for both. As the event has just begun, this seemed like the perfect time cover them. The Beetle Eyes review will be posted soon. The discount event is running from October 1st to the 9th.  You can read about it HERE on BJDcollectasy.

Part 1 – QQ Wigs:

I purchased three wigs in different sizes.  The largest is size 8-9 inches, a brown curly wig, then an auburn long wig with a braid, and finally a fun 6-7 inch size bob that made with color-changing fiber.

All of the wigs are stretchy with elastic encased all around the the outer edge.  The hair at the top of of two of my wigs that have a stitched part is rolled under and stitched inside as well. This gives the wig a thicker hairline and keeps the wig cap from showing through. (Note: the wig looks a little lighter than its actual color due to lighting and background.)

The quality of the wigs is very good and the fiber is not cheap or brittle. The store sells a lot of styles, colors and sizes. The wigs I purchased are all made with synthetic fiber.

Here is the largest wig of the new wigs on my lovely Ringdoll teenager line Julia. Her new wig is QQ-48 *Summer Dream* in dark brown.  Julia has a dark face-up which matches well with the warm dark brown of the wig. This wig is made of soft and silky “synthetic mohair” fiber. It fit perfectly on Julia’s head.   Like many long curled styles, it will need tending to keep it neat.  (confession: I made a small mistake in leaving a velcro fastener on the doll’s head that snagged some of the hair!) Slightly dampening and then smoothing the hair down and finger-combing it will help to re-style it. Allow the wig to dry completely before putting it away. Summer Dream comes in the three most popular sizes: 1/3, 1/4, and 1/6. Three colors are available.


QQ-101 Color Change Wig *Mint* – *Purple* is the smallest wig of my lot. The wig looks quite sweet on Mystic Kids Isabel. I had little trouble getting the wig to stay put on her head. The fiber is a little stiffer than than Summer Dream. I love the aqua color a lot. When I took the doll outside, the wig began to turn a lavender purple almost immediately! In seconds, the outer hair changed and it was essentially light purple in less than a minute. This wig needs little touch-up and smooths right back into place if tousled. It would be a cute style on both girls and boys and comes in three sizes: 1/3, 1/4, and 1/6.


My favorite wig of all is the one I picked out for one of my favorite 1/4 size dolls, MaskCat Anemone. It is synthetic mohair QQ-02 *Carrot red*. None of the wigs I currently own seemed quite right for Anemone, but this is definitely The One! The hair is a bit kinky-curly and the front hair is swept back and pulled into a braid. Anemone has a little bit bigger and rounder pate than some of the other dolls I have in this size, so the wig was a little trickier to stretch over the doll’s head. With a bit of fiddling, I did get it on, and once in place, it stayed put.  The wig really transformed Anemone’s look! This wig comes in 3 colors and lots of sizes too, so dolls from 1/3 down to 1/12 could look equally as cute as mine.


Was I pleased with my wigs?  Yes!  Each met or exceeded my expectations.  All were flattering on the dolls I selected them for. The prices were very reasonable. I expect that they will hold up as well as any of the other good quality wigs I already owned. There are numerous styles, colors and sizes, and I am tempted already to get a few more.

You can order QQ wigs from the  KOK Doll Collection store on eBay
Or the shop’s web store, Dolly Planet (formally KOK collection)

1st Oct~ 9th Oct 2017. QQ Wigs and Beetle Eyes are discounted 10%.

Both Mystic Kids Isabel and Maskcat Dolls Anemone are also sold at Dolly Planet.