Rosen Lied News

Rosen Lied has released their schedule from fall to the beginning of the Christmas season.

From the company:

Here is our schedule for October and November.

– October 2nd ~ 9th

Rosenlied will not be working from October 2nd until 9th due to thanksgiving holiday.
There is no problem with shopping on our site but help desk and shipping will not be available.
All service will be available on regular basis from the next day (October 10th).

– October 13th

Update of basic items

– October 20th

[Release of new season limited basic]

Holiday’s child limited basic CoCo

Sales period: October 20th ~ November 20th

Holiday’s children is only available for limited doll or season limited basic doll.

– October 29th

[Party with Rosenlied]

Date : October 29th (Sunday)
Pleace : Salon de Desiree
Time : 12 PM ~ 4 PM
Entry fee : Free

* Unlike 2days event until last year, this is year’s event is 1 day event.

(More information HERE)

– November 3rd

[Party with Rosenlied] limited dolls update

– November 10th

Update of basic items

– November 17th

Update of basic items

– November 24th

[Release of new season limited basic doll]

Monday’s child Miu

Sales period: November 24th ~ December 24th

* Christmas event will start from December 15th. Please check!

[Release of new basic doll]

Tuesday’s child Lilac