Doll Legend Lain

New 70cm tall doll Lain has been released by Doll Legend.  The company’s dolls  may be ordered in resin colors normal pink, normal yellow or white or imported normal pink, white, normal yellow, tanned or grey skin. All come with a random color pair of eyes. Lain is sold blank with optional face-up (style A – the one shown, or B a basic face-up), and body blushing or as a full-set with a face-up, wig, and clothes shown (body blushing is optional). For a limited time, Lain will be sold at a discount include jointed hands. All other dolls will be discounted as well, and the price for jointed hands is reduced.

Doll Legend dolls may be purchased internationally through their authorized retailers including Alice’s Collections.

From the company:

Doll Legend 2017 Mid-Autumn Event is beginning (2017.10.01 – 2017.10.20):
* Order New Doll – Lain: 12% off + a pair of jointed hands as gift.
* All Dolls: 10% off.
* Doll Body: 10% off.
* Jointed Hands: USD65/pair.