Dear Mine New Dolls

New seasonal dolls have arrived at Dear Mine. They include 20cm tall Pet line Oz and Storm (cool ver.) – Sentimental Fall, cool versions of 1/4 size Lover line Priscilla and – Dune  Merry-go-Round, 19cm tall Classic line Picasso and 12 cm Picasso Bean – Expresso, and Bean line Nero Autumn 2017.

Oz and Storm are cast in ash skin resin. Priscilla and Dune are cast in white normal resin. Nero is cast in white  resin.  All are sold blank with a pair of eyes included.  Options include a seasonal face-up  and the wigs and outfits shown.

Picasso and Picasso Bean are cast in black resin. They are sold as full-sets with painting and outfits.  The odd eye sets shown come in a choice of round pupil or cat pupil.  Picasso is a limited edition of 30 dolls, and Picasso Bean is a limited edition of 50.

Dear Mine dolls may also be purchased through their authorized retailer Denver Doll Emporium.


Priscilla and – Dune (cool versions)  Merry-go-Round

Oz (cool ver.)

Storm (cool ver.)

Nero Autumn 2017