Season Limited Rose

Swan Doll has introduced a new Season Limited version of 1/6 size Rose. Her pre-order is open until October 8th.

From the company:

✔ Season Limited ‘Rose’ Head
*Season limited is closed for casual sales.
✔ Standard chest body
✔ White skin
✔ Feet parts
✔ Shoes parts : example below(feet parts+shoes parts+painting)

✔ Mohair wig
✔ Special face-up
✔ Oscar Doll 14mm Crystal eyes
✔ Origianal dress by Swandoll
Contens : One-piece, On-piece accessory, Under skirt, Rabit hat, Knee socks
※ Swandoll dresses are handmade so it doesn’t have perfect quality. But we are using the best materials
✔ Paper certificate
✔ 3D certificate petite couronne
✔ Package box
✔ Dress box