Living in Mirror – Jin and Ghost Jing

1/4 dolls Living in Mirror – Jin and Ghost Jing are new releases from LoongSoul. Both 42cm tall dolls may be ordered in any of the company’s resin colors including normal pink, normal yellow or white or imported normal pink, white, normal yellow, real skin or tanned skin. Basic dolls come with a random color pair of eyes.  Customers purchasing Jing may select a version I or II body with a choice of chest size for their doll.  She will also come with both flat and heel feet. Options for both Jin and Jing include a face-up, body blushing, wig, outfit and shoes.

Loongsoul dolls may be ordered from the company and through authorized retailers Fabric Friends and DOLLS and Alice’s Collections.

At this time, the company is running a Fall Event:

LoongSoul 2017 National Day Event (2017.09.26 – 2017.10.28) :
a. Limited Dolls: 10% off.
b. Non-Limited Dolls & Doll Bodies: 15% off.