Knights Club and Tails Club

FreedomTeller is taking orders for limited edition clothing Knight Club for boys and Tails Club for boys and girls.

From the shop:

Knights Club & Tails Club updated

We’re happy to inform you that we’ve made our new limited set [Knights Club &’Tails Club]

‘Knights Club’ (for SD13,17,70cm Homme)
This set is a boy riding clothes set, we made it with the contrast of ivory & black this season.
Also, we have completed the look by adding great fit riding pants, riding hats, and fur-collar cape coat.
* Riding hats and fur collar capes are available to order in the option

‘Tails Club’ (for SDGr,SD16 Femme)
This is a girl’s tuxedo set, We are worked with a traditional tuxedo details combined with a girl’s silhouette.
We are prepared two sets, a skirt with a removable ribbon tail and active riding pants.

* Homme and femme are available to select in ivory and black sets.
* Riding boots are available in one each and are limited to 50 worldwide.

– Pre-order period: 2017.09.20 ~ 2017.10.15
– Shipping period: 2017.10.16 ~ 2017.11.15

* Shipping will be during shipping period, if orders have lots, then it could be delay