Waseon Mocha Brown

Waseon Mocha Brown will soon be sold by SWITCH. Very limited quantities of the tan doll will be available. Waseon will come with a HD 65 Attractive body. An optional face-up and hand blushing may be added. The doll is being sold by lottery application. The randomly chosen winners will be able to purchase the doll.


From the company:

· WASEON:MochaBrown is to be released as raffle sale after all our customers have entered for it.
· We are going to e-mail winners (to be sent out on September 25, 2017 at 5-6 PM by Korean time) so please check your mail box then.
· If you do not receive e-mail from us, we are sorry to tell you that you are not one of the winners.

Detailed schedule:

Entrance : 2017.09.24. 20:00(KOR) ~ 2017.09.25. 13:00(KOR)
How to enter : fill out the form.
The form will be opened on September 24, 2017.

Winner announcement : 2017.09.25. 17:00(KOR) ~2017.09.25. 18:00(KOR)
Winner will receive e-mails from SWITCH.
Order & Payment period : 2017.09.25. 20:00(KOR) ~ 2017.09.27. 24:00(KOR)