Fairy Popo Gerbera

FOVEO will be releasing Fairy Popo Gerbera very soon. Only 10 sets will besold. Each set will include a faced-up doll head, Oscar eyes, flower circlet and a 2 piece dress. The head is cast in white resin. (The photos show her with an Azone Pure Neemo body.)

From the company:

Fairy Popo’s second series ‘Gerbera’ pre-order will begins soon.
She is a collaboration with Oscar doll, Planetarium and Piper.
Please enjoy their beautiful works together.

‘Fairy Popo – Gerbera’ is 10 heads limited worldwide sale.
Please a lot of attention and love.

Period: 22th. SEP(21:00) Standard Korean time

For more details, Please visit Web site.
☞ ‘Fairy Popo’ Preorder info

If you have any questions, contact by E-mail anytime.
Thank you.

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