Rainbow Raclette

La Compagnie des Radis has re-released Raclette. The BJD is available in four resin colors.  Paupiette, Ciboulette and Rillette are also available in two skin colors. The dolls are all 16cm tall and are sold blank with a pair of glass eyes included. A face-up may be optionally added. All of the pre-orders may be found HERE.

From the artist:

Raclette is now available in 4 pastel colors : Mint, Light blue, Light purple and Dark pink

I now accept layaways until 6 times ^__^

Plus, you can use this coupon to save 15 euros if your place your order before September 19, 23h59 paris time: just enter RAINBOWFIRST when you place your order 

Plus, if you wanted some Paupiette, Ciboulette or Rillette, they are back for the same period in pale normal or dark tan skin!