Mormoloc Creme

A pro-cast version of Mormoloc is now up for pre-order at  Miradolls. The pet is 17cm long and is being cast in white resin.

From the artist:

I love fantasy creatures and it is a challenge to sculpt what I visualize in daydreams and sometimes at night.

Mormoloc is a friendly creature which lives at swampy ditches. Some folks can hear its voice. It whispers in the shimmering moonlight.

Pre-Order from september 16 to october 1

This is the first and last chance to get a professional casted blank Mormoloc in creme white.

Processing time: about 3 months, layaway is available.

Handcasted Mormolocs with face-up in light blue and light green skin tones are available at my Etsy Shop too.