The Moonlight Alice Series

Sugarble is returning with new dolls that will be part of the Moonlight Alice Series. A teaser for Alice has been released.

From the company:

Hi. This is SUGARBLE.
How are you all doing?
It’s been a pretty while, and now we’re back to announce it is time to release our newest lovely model!!
The model with the new design is basically 30cm with chubby features, and pretty much we are sure it is more adorable than ever.
These cute kids uniquely reinterpreted with oriental style – “The Moonlight Alice”series is coming for you,
and of course, the one who brings the beginning will be “Alice” herself!
Better be careful of falling in love with her!
She is coming for you on the Friday night!!
Just wait!

LINK : http://www.sugarbledoll.com

We know it’s been a long while all have you waiting, and here is a very special events for you.
Please be sure it is only for a limited period, so we hope you all would not miss this chance.
(due date : From September 15th to 30th)

*No.1 – 40% Discount for “Alice”
For customers those purchase Alice during the event would be offered 40% discount!

*No.2 – Reviewing Compatibility
For “Additional Head Parts Purchase”had been requested for many times, We offer 3 points(as same value as 3 USD)
available for buying products during the event, for customers those upload photos showing compatibility of Alice head with third party bodies.
(Notice : the points would only be given to the SUGARBLE membership)

*Limited Outfits Offering
The special outfits of Alice would only be offering during the event.

sleeveless blouse, underskirt, outer dress, arm warmers, socks, and hair accessory