Pidgin Doll News

Pidgin Doll has a busy fall season ahead. The artist Joshua McKenney will be at the Modern Doll Collectors Convention in a few weeks. A special showing of the dolls will open in New York City in early October.  New resin colors will be added for 1/4 Pidgin.

From the company:

Pidgin Celebrates Five Years With One-Of-A-Kind “Decade Dolls”
To inaugurate Pidgin’s sixth year, we’re teaming up with milliner extraordinaire Julia Emily Knox of East Village Hats to create six one-of-a-kind Pidgin Dolls styled after six decades: the 1920s, ’30s, ’40s, ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s. For each decade, Julia will handcraft a unique hat and outfit for Pidgin, along with a corresponding hat in human scale. The dolls and hats will debut at a special event on Friday, October 6 at 6 PM, 80 East 7th Street, NYC. Join us!

New Resin Colors & Feet
The 1:4-scale Pidgin Doll will soon be available in two new colors: dark cocoa and ocean mist (photos yet to be released). Pidgin will continue to be available in milk white and light mocha. We will also be offering a new high-heeled foot with fitted, removable shoes. Please follow Pidgin’s social media  for the official release date.

Pidgin at Modern Doll Collectors Convention!
We are thrilled to announce the creation of an exclusive, limited-edition Pidgin Doll for this year’s Modern Doll Collectors Convention, set to take place in Danvers, MA from September 20-23. For this year’s fairytale theme, McKenney looked to one of his favorite stories, Hans Christian Anderson’s The Red Shoes. This special Pidgin is limited to an edition of 30, and is available exclusively through MDCC. Photos will be released after the convention. For inquiries, please email: registrar@moderndollcollectors.com

(Note: Due to major changes to the Pidgin 1/4 body, and to the fact that none of the controversial bodies were sold, BJDcollectasy will continue to cover news from Pidgin Doll.)