Magical Lati

Latidoll  has released all of their new themed dolls for Magical Lati. 6 new limited edition dolls are being offered. The first Orange Line doll, Choco, has been released. Two doll packages are also offered, one of Yellow line girls Nia, Jenny and Ari,  and one that includes all of the dolls.  Free gifts are offered with qualifying purchases.

From the company:

Lati’s 12th Anniversary Limited release, “Magical Lati”

Hello, This is Lati.
We’re finally going to unveil limited Magical Lati dolls after such a hard work!

Order Duration : 11th September, 2017 ~ 20th September, 2017 (Korean time basis)

In celebration of Lati’s 12th anniversary we’ll have various events.

1.If you purchase more than 1 limited doll during from 11th Sept. to 20th Sept.,
– Event Head Crystal (no make-up, no eyes) and one pair of newly released “scissor-shaped hand parts” will go to you!

2.If you purchase three Magical Lativ(incl. Magical Lati ver. Spring Nia / Magical Lati ver. Summer Jenny / Magical Lati ver. Autumn Ari) or If you purchase Magical Lati full package,

– 1 White skin Magical Bird parts will go to you as our gift!

3.If you purchase Magical Lati full package,
– 1 set of doll with event head Crystal(nude doll, no make-up, no eyes), 1 White skin Magical Bird parts and one pair of newly released scissor-shaped hand parts will go to you.

Lati’s limited dolls this time have “Jenny”, “Ari”(both are new yellow head) and “Crystal”(event head) and “Choco”(one of newly released Orange line).
We’re preparing to release additional Orange line dolls.

We hope all of you enjoy special offers with newly released Magical Lati.
Looking forward to your great support for limited Magical Lati!!