Fantasy Color Halloween Chibis

Unoa Alchemy has opened a purchase lottery for new limited edition Fantasy Color Halloween Chibis.

From the store:

This year we have special fantasy color Halloween Chibis! Available in Blue or Purple, these chibis will only ever be cast once in these colors. They are available by lottery, but anything left after the initial sale will be up for purchase as long as supplies last. To enter either lottery, please email us at UnoAlchemy@gmail.com

There are two lotteries – one for the fullsets and one for the kits. (Fullsets are limited to one doll of each possible combination). Kits include only one blank faceplate, but an additional set of four faceplates for either Lilin or Roron can be purchased for a discounted price. 

Enter the lottery between now and September 24th! The winners will be chosen on the 25th. Once lottery winners are selected, there are 5 days to finish payment. For more images, please see our website at Unoalchemy.com, or join our facebook group, UnoaFreaks. 

Blank kit:Comes with one faceplate (Default or Proper), elf ears, horns, additional hands, eyes, fur wig.

Fullset: Comes with one faceplate, elf ears, horns, additional hands, eyes, wig, faceup by UnoAlchemy and Alchemic Labo, Outfit designed by UnoAlchemy and made by Alchemic Labo. 

Faceplate Set: (Lilin or Roron set only – cannot be mixed and matched)

Individual Faceplates available after lottery.