New Dika Doll Boys

DikaDoll has just released three boy BJDs including one limited edition. All of the dolls are sold blank with a pair of acrylic eyes included.  Painting options are available.

Cain is a limited edition of only 50 dolls. He is 73cm tall and comes with the company’s version 3 body. He may be ordered in white, pure white, normal pink or normal yellow resin. Cain will include long nailed hands and a resin mask accessory.  A face-up and wig may be added.

Abel and Floyer B may be ordered in white, pure white, normal pink, normal yellow, grey or tanned skin resin. They come with a choice of body including a 3-part torso, 5-part torso, 68cm or version 3. An optional face-up may be added.

Dika Dolls may be purchased internationally through their authorized retailers including Alice’s Collections.



Floyer B

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