Waseon Mocha Brown

Waseon Mocha Brown is being sold by both SWITCH and by authorized retailer FaithZ.  Very limited quantities of the tan doll will be available.  Waseon will come with a HD 65 Attractive body,.  Optional face-up and hand blushing may be added.  At both locations, the doll is being sold by lottery application.  The randomly chosen winners will be able to purchase the doll.

FaithZ is taking their purchase applications now.

From the shop:

“Qty Limited” SWITCH – WASEON:MochaBrown 【Deadline: 4th September】 SWITCH Official makeup available 
More Photos: [Pre-Order Deadline: 2017-09-04 (15:00 HKT)]WASEON:MochaBrown [WASEON:MochaBrown] – HK$7,750 : FaithZ, A Hobby Store for Toys & Collectibles
Deadline : 2017-Sep-04 (15:00 HKT)

SWITCH has posted that they will take applications in late September.

From the company:

· WASEON:MochaBrown is to be released as raffle sale after all our customers have entered for it.
· We are going to e-mail winners (to be sent out on September 25, 2017 at 5-6 PM by Korean time) so please check your mail box then.
· If you do not receive e-mail from us, we are sorry to tell you that you are not one of the winners.

Detailed schedule:

Entrance : 2017.09.24. 20:00(KOR) ~ 2017.09.25. 13:00(KOR)
How to enter : fill out the form.
The form will be opened on September 24, 2017.

Winner announcement : 2017.09.25. 17:00(KOR) ~2017.09.25. 18:00(KOR)
Winner will receive e-mails from SWITCH.
Order & Payment period : 2017.09.25. 20:00(KOR) ~ 2017.09.27. 24:00(KOR)


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