Spanish company RumpelDoll will open a pre-order  for the new Morfeo doll head soon.

From the company:

Release date: 2nd of September at 21:00 / 9:00Pm (Spanish time)
You can google: “Current local time in Madrid” to know the exact hour.

Name of head: Morfeo
Head circumference: 8 Inch (approx)
Circumference of neck hole: 10,7 cm (approx)
Eye size: 12mm

Available colors: Fresh Skin for the first 20 heads I have in stock.
For a preorder I will offer Fresh Skin, Oriental Skin and Gray Skin.
Price of the head: 150€ + shipping
In this price are included: Morfeo head, certificate of authenticity and custom box.

I am going to sell the 20 Morfeo´s heads in a similar color to Fresh skin in a direct sale (These 20 heads are ready to send) and I´m going to do a pre order for the rest of the people that could want one.

What does this mean? It means that once the 20 heads I have in stock are sold, I will continue to accept Morfeo´s orders, until reaching a certain number. As soon as I reach a certain quantity I will close the preorder.

How to get one:

You only have to write me an email to x.rumpelstiltskin.x@gmail.com in time (from 2nd of September at 21:00 / 9:00 PM) and if you are one of the first twenty persons, Morfeo will be yours, and if not… you could participate in his preorder 

Please specify in your email the color of the head you would like in case that you are not one of the first 20 people (I have 20 head in similar color to Fresh Skin ready to send).

I do not know if the Oriental Skin color fits 100% with Dollshe or Dollstown, because I don´t have one to compare, but Haru Casting offers this color and in the case of Fresh Skin, the color is very similar to the Dollshe and Dollstown company, so I´m sure that with the Oriental Skin happens the same.

I have slightly improved the Morfeo´s neck so that it poses better.

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