15th Anniversary Event Doll Packages

For the company’s 15th Anniversary, DollShe Craft has just released 3 limited edition doll packages. They are limited in quantity.

From the company:

The Sale of Package for 15th Anniversary in a Limited Amount Begins

Hello, everyone.

We prepare the sale of package to celebrate our 15th anniversary.
The sale of package includes a full package, puzzle package and super package.
There is a difference in the component of package for each line, so please check the detailed page.

15 packages are limited amount for each line.

When all 15 packages are sold out for the below line ups they are discontinued.

28M Classic, 26F Classic, 8B Classic, 6G Classic, 28M Fashion, 26F Fashion, 8B Fashion, 6G Fashion


The 3 Packages:

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