Sebastian·Michaelis (Chinese Market)

Ringdoll has created their version of popular manga and anime character Sebastian·Michaelis.  They have secured a licensing arrangement with Aniplex to sell the doll in the Chinese market only.  Sebastian is a limited edition of only 50 dolls.

From the company:

Sebastian·Michaelis has been release!But just for China Mainland. Hope you will love he.

Sebastian·Michaelis is a cooperation between ringdoll and ANIPLEX,and he is a limited edition
District limited:This style can only be purchased in China Mainland.
Quantity limited:Only has fifty.

After over one year repeatedly polished and corrected,we won the author recognition.
Black butler was authorized by ANIPLEX,supervised and affirmed by original author Toboso Yana.


This the first time that China BJD company cooperate with Japanese IP(intellectual property,it is a significant step!Hope that we can create more and better works in the future.

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