Tails Club for Dolfie Dream

Dolfie Dream-size outfits from FreedomTeller are now available for order. Tails Club sets include one version with a short skirt and one with riding trousers. Skirt set or riding set…Riding boots are also being sold.

From the company:

[UPDATE] ‘Tails Club (for DD)’ New Limited Sets Updated

We’re happy to inform you that we’ve made our new limited set [Tails Club (for DD)]

This is a girl’s tuxedo set, a traditional tuxedo detail is combined with a girl’s silhouette.
We have prepared two sets, skirts and pants.
You can select the color between ivory and black.

* This set will be produced on SDGr, SD16 later. 
* In the case of DD, ivory and black set lining is made in off-white color.

* Riding boots is a common size that fits well in DD, SDGr, and SD16 bodies.
* We recommend that you wear socks when you wear riding boots for DD. 

Order Period : 2017.08.18~2017.09.10

Shipping Period : 2017.09.11~2017.09.30

* Shipping will be shipped sequentially within the period according to order. 
If the order quantity is large, delivery may be delayed a little.

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