Doll Chateau Midsummer Event

Doll Chateau is now holding a Midsummer Event. A new doll named Oswald has been released. A free gift doll, a limited edition Ant will be offered as a gift with qualifying purchases.

Oswald is 72cm tall. He comes with a pair of eyes, and may be ordered in normal pink, normal yellow, white, tanned , grey or pale green resin. Options for the blank basic doll include a face-up, body blushing and resin parts (blank or painted). Customers that order a full-set will receive a face-up, wig and outfit.  Body blushing and resin parts (blank or painted) may be optionally added. For a limited time, his helmet is included as a gift with purchase of a full-set.

10cm tall Ant comes with a choice of heads, Eco, Ela, Esa or Emi. Customers may choose the resin colors for their gift doll and may add a face-up or a full-set if they don’t purchase and Oswald full-set.

Ant may also be ordered alone.

From the company:


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