GEM of Doll Atlantis Dolls

GEM of Doll introduces 58cm tall Atlantis series dolls Ares and Hallea. They may be purchased in normal pink, normal yellow, white, tanned, grey or light green resin. Each of the dolls are sold blank with optional, face-up, eyes, wig, outfit, shoes and head decoration.

At this time, GEM of Doll is holding a Summer Event. Their dolls may also be purchased through their authorized retailers including  Alice’s Collections and Stacy’s Pink Ocean.

From the company:


1. All dolls and parts cut 20% off;

2. You can get a free body blush for full-set doll;

3. Ordering “Atlantis new dolls” can get a free sea snail (nude)

4. All dolls can be got a gift :

1/3 can be got a pair of high heel foot;

1/4,big baby and 1/6 can be got a pair of fist hands.


Event 1,2,3,4 can be enjoyed together.

Contact us:
E-amil: sale@gemofdoll.com


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