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Kagami Design – Wigs for BJD is a two-person business selling both pre=made wigs and custom wigs for their customers.

Q: Could you tell me a little about your business?  How long have you been open?  How many people are involved in Kagami Design?

A: We are Sion and Kimirra from Kagami Design workshop, based in Russia. We create exclusive handmade wigs for BJD in different sizes and colors. We believe that if the eyes are the mirror of soul, then hair is the highlight of every doll. It gives a unique accent to a doll’s appearance.

We started making wigs at the end of 2012 for our dolls because all masters who made wigs had huge lines and long waiting times. We chose natural fibers because of its great flexibility in styling and coloring.

Our Etsy shop was opened in January 2013. For a long time we specialized only in natural colors, but by November 2013 we began to make bright colors, gradients and ombres, and different colors became our passion!

Our fav wig was revolutionary popular, it was a gorgeous long rainbow colored wig. From that moment we have made so many different color mixes and designs.

Q: How did you develop your wig-making skills? I notice that you often combine different materials in many of your designs.  Can you write a bit about how you use the materials together?

A: Before we opened our workshop, we practiced for a long time and searched for the best technology for wig making. In the beginning we made sewn wigs on knitted hats. But now we prefer glued wigs on an elastic or hard hat, which look better and more natural on a doll head.

We work with a variety of materials, such as angora goat mohair, alpaca suri, lincoln goat mohair and synthetic mohair. Depending on the hairstyle, we select the material individually. For example, anime-like hairstyles are very good in synthetic mohair, which styles with the fingertips. Length could be added with alpaca or angora mohair.

We also make any sizes from the largest (such as Blythe) to the smallest (head size ~5cm).

Q: Are your sales primarily commissions or pre-made wigs in your shop?

A: We do both. You can order one of the existing models or a made-to-individual-order wig with your preferences. Recently we started selling ready-made wigs in batches. Details of each sale are announced in our social networks in advance. Such sales are relevant for people who want receive a wig in short time.

The standard manufacturing time for a commission wig is about 8 weeks, but now we are working to reduce this time to 4 weeks.

Q: Where do you post updates on your wig releases?

A: Most fresh news about our wig releases and commission status can be found on Instagram @kagami.design and https://www.instagram.com/kagami.design/

To get a wig or place a commission order you may through our Etsy shop – http://kagamidesign.etsy.com

Also you can follow us on




Our email is kagamidesign.wigs@gmail.com

Q: Are all of the wigs created by both of you?  Do you have any additional help?

A: All wigs are handmade by us. We process the mohair, dye it, make wigs, take photos and send orders.

Q: How many wigs do you think you have made so far?

A: First we tried to count the number of wigs. In the beginning it was quite easy. But now when we make few hundreds a year the better description is “many wigs”! For example, just for BJD events we prepare about 60-80 wigs to sell.

Q: What do you suggest a wig owner do to keep the wigs like new?  How should they be stored?  How can the style be touched up if they become messy?

A: Mohair acts like human hair. Styling will eventually drop/loosen over time or with brushing because it does not hold a style indefinitely like synthetic wigs.

The main advantage of such wigs is that they look very natural and proportionate to the doll. The wig can be laid, curled, straightened and braided.

We advise that you store wigs in a wig-net, not in the sun.

If an angora wig becomes too fluffy, it is really helpful to wet it, then brush it carefully while it is still wet and then leave it to dry (better not on the doll’s head). But you can’t wet a synthetic or alpaca wig.

We always give our customers instructions and are happy to answer their questions anytime.

Q: What are some of the most unusual wigs you have made?

A: We think each order we have made was unique in some way. But it’s always interesting to make a wig for a not-standard head like Dust of Dolls Zouh Spun because she has bunny ears. Or make some crazy color mix, because you know we all want to make something special and our customers have awesome fantasy!

Q: Do you have any plans to try to develop any products besides wigs for BJDs and other dolls?

A: Rarely we make BJD clothes and accessories. We wish we had more time to sew something new.

We also wanted to try eyes making and spend more time sculpting doll accessories from polymer clay. And for sure, our small dream is to make our own doll. We have discussed it for few years already, and maybe someday we will show our sketches and WIPs… oh, dreams!

Q: Is there anything I have forgotten to ask that you would like to add?

A: We would like to express our gratitude to our customers for their interest and support of our work. We have a wonderful hobby, and we are happy to help people make their dolls even more beautiful and unique!

Kagami Design – Wigs for BJD