DollZone Summer Event

DollZone has announced a Summer Event. Two new dolls, 47cm tall Ita and Seventeen, have been released. Special event gift dolls LuoLuo and NiuNiu will be offered free with qualifying orders.

Ita and Seventeen may be ordered in normal pink, normal yellow, white tan or grey resin. They are sold blank with a random color pair of eyes included.  Options include a face-up, body blushing .  A full-set may also be ordered.  It will include a face-up, wig, outfit and shoes. Body blushing may be optionally added.

14cm tall LuoLuo and NiuNiu come in a choice of white or light purple skin resin.  The dolls are not sold separately.  They are only offered as gifts during the event.  Customers that purchase enough to receive a nude gift doll may add a full-set which will include a  face-up, body blushing, clothes and wig.

DollZone dolls may be purchased through the company and from their authorized retailers.

From the company:

Doll Zone 2017 Summer Event (2017.07.25 – 2017.08.31) :

* Order new doll Ita, Seventeen: can add USD69 to get a LuoLuo nude doll or NiuNiu nude doll.

* Order $550 of DZ products: get a LuoLuo nude doll or NiuNiu nude doll as gift.

* Order $850 of DZ products: get a LuoLuo fullset or NiuNiu fullset as gift.