Astro Boy – Tetsuwan Atom

Luts has created Astro Boy ( Tetsuwan Atom).  The doll is an exclusive BJD  made for Dolk (Dolk Station).

25cm tall Astro will come with two face-plates, 2 sets of hands and and jet foot  “flames”. He has a door in his chest that shows his inner workings and his heart. Painting is also included with purchase.  The doll is a limited edition, but it will be available until April 30, 2018.

From DOLK:

We announce our new ‘character BJD’, collaboration work with TETSUKA Production and DOLK – 
Astro Boy Tetsuwan Atom as BJD!
Check fine detail with various face parts & chest part. 

On sale now on the link – 「鉄腕アトム」アトム キャストドール
If you have further inquriy, please feel free to visit the special website. Thank you very much.

「鉄腕アトム」アトム キャストドール