Mori and +Plus Set

RaMcube istaking orders for new 1/6 head Mori. The head is sold in pastel peach or cream white resin.

The Mori head optionally may be purchased as a set with cat ears.The ears will be sold blank with optional blushing and tattoo. They may be ordered in either resin color.

The RaM+Plus 3-1 ears are also being sold separately, blank or blushed.

From the company:

Guidance for RaM+Plus new items

We prepared a new parts ‘RaM+Plus 3-1’ and event with the ‘Mori’ type.
We ask you a lot of support and attention for the our new project and the new doll.

Thank you 🙂

RaMcube 2017 new project RaM + Plus

RaM + Plus guide(Link)

Mori+Plus set & Mori Head
2017.07.19 ~ 2017.08.02 9PM (KST) 

RaM+Plus 3-1