Senkai Update

Ringdoll has announced that they plan to release new doll Senkai in a few days.  A character profile was previously published.

From the company:

Ringdoll will released new doll who is Senkai. There is his Character introduction as follow:

Name: Senkai

Weapon: Kito
Clothes:He wear misty blue cloth with cloak,Strapless sleeves inside,armor cover his arm and neck,wears a skirt in lower body,and he wear clog shoes,always hold metal pipe in his hand.
Experience:When faced turbulent days,there are five kai come to earth.Five kai choose the destiny of the people attached to the body, to change its fate.He can become the king of the world who is one of the five kai.
He is son of Feudal Lord,who is master of Ligu city.And his mother is concubines,but he is clam,brilliant and handsome man.The Feudal Lord is a man of weak character,controled by his wife,and his wife support her own son as a new Santo,so that his wife falsely accused Senkai want to rebel,he misbelived and exiled Senkai into the wilderness.That era was troubled times,except the constant wars, the world is also a hundred ghosts rampant.Senkai was in danger in exiled.When he was dying, he met the green ghost and red ghost,two ghosts want to swallow he.He finally ushered in the Senkai star descent when he resent his experience and the desire for life.He become really Senkai ,so he effortlessly defeated green ghosts and red ghosts whoes forced himself into the desperate situation ,and make them become his slaves.When Senkai was exiled, The Feudal Lord knew the truth, to punish his wife, but his wife was informed in advance of the news, so she poisoned The Feudal Lord.Get the power of ghosts Senkai kill back to Ligu city, killing the culprit of The Feudal Lord’s wife, to retrieve his own everything.
That war is extremely tragic.Later someone described that day:he is like the gods generally backlit line, behind the blood on the land bloom, mournful as the red lotus.Senkai is famous in the war,people full of awe when mention his name.Chaos is still continuing, to settle down the world, Senkai assess the situation and final choice to join Owari Province.