Dika Doll Felis

New from DikaDoll is 73cm tall Felis. The boy comes with a 3-part torso body, 5-part trso body or a version 3 body. A shorter68cm tall version is also available. Resin color choices  for the doll include normal pink, normal yellow, white pure white tanned and grey. Felis is sold blank with a random color pair of eyes included.  An optional face-up may be added.

Dika Doll is currently running a discount and gift event. The dolls may be purchased internationally from authorized retailers including Alice’s Collections.

From the company:

Dika Doll 2017 Summer Event (2017.07.01 – 2017.08.01):
* Order 70cm doll (with body Ver.3 or 68cm body): 12% off + (doll head or jointed hands or a 1/12 doll) as gift.
* Order 70cm doll (with 3-part or 5-part torso body): 12% off + a doll head as gift.
* Order 60cm doll: 12% off + (a doll head or a pair of jointed hands) as gift.
* Order 42cm doll: 12% off + (animal clothes or add $25 to get a pair of jointed hands) as gift.
* Order 26cm doll: 12% off + animal clothes as gift.
* Order 1/12 doll: 12% off + random clothes as gift (Tuan or Mian get extra tail & paws as gift).
* Jointed Hands: USD69/pair.

Important Notes:
* Limited Dolls don’t take part in the event.