SIO2 will soon release a new limited edition 1/6 doll named Aoandon.

From the artist:

Hi everyone, this is Ziqian Yang, the doll artist from SIO2, a personal doll work studio.

I am very happy to announce that our new doll, あおあんどん(Aoandon), will be accepting international preorders. Same as Burmilla (Preorder – SIO2 Doll – Burmilla June 16,2017 – July 16,2017(UTC+8)) the pre-order period will be in a month, we will update the releasing information later.

The idea of Aoandon came from Japanese demo documentary. SIO2 body is gender-less, you can dress her as a boy or girl.

We will only provide a set this time. Aoandon will come with head, human body (fist hand), resin wig and certification. All the part are blank.

(the horn is irremovable)

Height: 28cm
Recommended eye size: 16mm
Head circumference: 15.5cm
Skin color(s): White only

Please feel free to contact us on our Facebook page or send an e-mail to SIO2service@gmail.com titled “customer service”if you have any question.

Sio2 Doll Facebook
Ziqian Personal Facebook