Fray Released

DollClans is celebrating their 6th anniversary event.  A new doll named Fray is is now available. The is the first female doll for the company.

54cm tall Fray may be ordered as a head only or as a full doll. She is cast in normal skin resin. The full doll comes with small, medium or large breasts. Optional heel legs and heel shoes may be added (Fray is 57cm tall with heel feet.). An additional breast piece may also be purchased. An optional face-up, “morning kiss”, may be added.

In addition to Fray, other dolls will also be available for pre-order.

From the company:

DollClans JULY 14 – 24 Pre-order

We are accepting pre-order during July 14 – 24.

New doll is released for this pre-order, Fray ; The Butterfly Lady!
Fray is the first DollClans girl we proudly present.
We hope she will receive your warm welcome! 

| Pre-order items |

S LINE : Bones, Vezeto, Siber, Dauber, Rynx
U LINE : FRAY [NEW], Phython, Jaquer, Kougar
Body : U LINE GIRL [NEW], S Line, Y Line and U Line bodies