Tan Skin + Free Head Event

Little Monica is about to start a free head event and a limited time tan skin pre-order.

From the company:

We are pleased to announce of specially prepared event to provide
‘Clreia head’ at free of charge with the release of Tan Skin.

This EVENT head will be given to customer who purchases certain amount of product during this event period.
This will not be no longer sold as the limited and the basic, but just for this season only special one.

Criteria to give this head:
Purchasing more than $500.00

Event period:
00:00 14 July, 2017(Friday) ~ 18:00 3 August 2017(Thursday)

Tan skin released in 2016 by Little Monica will come again.

The sale of this skin is only available in the summer event period in 2017.
This will be started from 16:00, 14 July through options in Basic doll body .

Sale period:
16:00(KST) 14 July, 2017(Friday) ~ 18:00(KST) 3 August(Thursday)

Please kindly note that this limited skin option would not be available after of this event period.