Doll Family – A News

Doll Family – A has launched a new Summer Event. The company has also released three new little minimally jointed “pet” dolls: JiuJiu, MengMeng and MianMian. The 15cm tall figures come in normal pink, normal yellow, white or grey resin. Each blank basic doll will include a pair of acrylic eyes. Optional face-up with paw painting may be added.

Doll Family – A dolls may be purchased internationally from authorized retailer Alice’s Collections.

From the company:

Doll Family-A 2017 Summer Event (2017.07.05 – 2017.09.01) :
* 1/3 size doll: 12% off + Deer-Luca as gift.
* 1/4 size doll: 12% off + (Lumi or 45cm Bach Head) as gift.
* 16cm – 33cm doll: 15% off.
* Pet doll: 50% off.
* Doll Body: 10% off.