Prestupleniye I. Nakazaniye

Super Gem dolls Prestupleniye I. Nakazaniye Albin and Witch  are now at The Gem for a limited time. They may be ordered in normal, cream white or grey resin.

Albin comes with a choice of regular or romantic style head or optionally both heads. He comes with a simple, extra pose or 2016 new body. Options include face-up(s), body blushing and Soom eyes. The hands included with the doll are long nail style.

Witch comes with a simple or extra pose body.  Options include a face-up, body blushing, Soom eyes, heel feet and heel lower legs and feet. Long nail hands are included with the doll.

The wigs and outfits shown on Albin and Witch are sold separately. Their order period will be open until July 20th Korea time.