Paradise Skin Unoa Chibis

Chibi dolls Roron and Lilin are available for pre-order in limited quantities at Uno Alchemy.

From the shop:

Paradise Skin Unoa Chibis are ready for July! There are only about 15 remaining. These girls are first come, first served. You have a choice of 1 face to be included with the body. Prices are ¥42.000 for the body and one face. You can choose a Lilin body with a Roron Proper Face, or a Roron Body with a Lilin face – whatever you want!

Want more faces? For ¥12.000 you can add the four additional faces for either Lilin or Roron

Shipping is NOT included in these prices, and will be added when they are invoiced.

For questions or to order, email unoalchemy@gmail.com!