Luts Summer Event Part 2 Begins

The second part of the Luts Summer Event has begun. The new dolls include Tiny Limited Edition Delf 20 dolls under the theme The Wild Swans, Honey Delf Hanael and Hanael Sweety Gemini, and Senior65 Delf Onyx. All of the dolls will be available in real skin  normal, white, brown, light tan or tan resin.

The Delf20 dolls available include two girls, Hanael Princess and Alice Queen. They are sold blank with optional face-ups.  The Swan Prince doll may be ordered with a choice of head and will include resin “swan parts”.  Options will include a face-up, body blushing and parts blushing.

Onyx and the Gemini twins are sold blank with optional face-up.

Free gifts are offered with qualifying purchased.  (Details of the event are posted HERE on BJDcollectasy.) The Luts Summer Event will end on August 8th at 17:00 Korea time.


Senior56 Onyx:

Honey Delf:

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